The holidays are just beginning, the first weeks where you can forget the alarm and have to get up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for the children. It is also the time when you are already trying to forget the routine and you can now start with the plans for the following days when you will have the opportunity to spend more time with your family.

But also, you are aware that the end of the holiday period is the beginning of a new school year and the return to school entails many expenses. And, we know that this vacation is very important for everyone. The number of free weeks increases, the weather and the seasonality of the year are perfect for a few days away from home, enjoying another city where your mind concentrates on other things.  

For those times in which the best option is to apply for a loan, it is also important that you know some relevant points about them, so you can make use of your financial resources to the maximum and maintain the health of your pockets during any time of the year:

  1. Under these circumstances, it is better to apply for credits in short terms: When people apply for loans and do not know how to manage their finances, it is common that the money invested in vacations and days of relaxation, becomes a reason for insomnia. To avoid this situation at all costs, we recommend you apply for your loan for a period no longer than 48 months. In this way, you can settle your loan 100% so that later you have the option to request another one.
  1. Find ways to reduce interest: Did you know that the best part of applying for a loan is when you have the option to reduce interest payments? In Credifiel our discounts are made through payroll, this is a way with which you can reduce the interest rate since it is not necessary to have a guarantee or an endorsement.
  1. Get a loan at an institution that supports you: The detail that makes the difference between one loan and another is the attention and interest that financial advisors put on your needs. This is how you will really get a personalized service, remember that your needs are different from those of other people and what you need is a credit made to your needs.
  1. The faster the request, the better purchases: Time is money and, speaking of the financial field, it is more. In holiday season and the days before returning to school, the prices increase, that is why you need to get a fast, easy and safe credit to make all the necessary reservations and purchases that you require. Stop wasting time on approvals and slow procedures that do not support or understand your needs.
  1. Do not look for limited credits for your debts: Before requesting credits to finance your vacations and the return to classes of your children, you must be sure of having a financial health that allows you to settle your credit in a timely manner, so your payments do not they will be limited by previous debts.
  1. Use the advantages that working for the government offers you: Come to the educational institution where you work and ask about the agreements with credit institutions. At Credifiel we grant loans to workers in the education industry, providing benefits to them and their families.
  1. Ask about the total annual cost: If you decide to apply for a loan for a period of more than one year, we recommend that you ask about the total annual cost, we do not want you to take a surprise and then, the costs increase considerably to the degree of affecting your income and your family’s finances. We offer you a type of fixed interest rate.
  1. Try to invest only part of the credit for vacations and back to school: We know that the excitement for the holidays is very big, also for children the idea of returning to classes with new things may cause the desire to spend more, however, It is necessary that you make a budget once you have the credit, so you will know that it is better to invest in different aspects and not only use it for vacations and school expenses. Investing in other aspects gives you the option of obtaining a return on investment, always try to think in the future.
  1. Personal loans are a great option: Generally, personal loans give you greater benefits with few procedures. In this case, our loans are made efficiently so you can count on the money in a few hours. The application and the entire process will be much simpler if the institution where you work has an agreement with us. Come to us and see if your credit is possible.
  1. Try to choose the periodicity of your payments: One of the aspects that you must take care of when applying for a loan is that you have the option to choose the periodicity of your payments, thus, it will be much simpler to organize your finances personally and also in the family. Remember that a loan is an aid to increase your finances and income possibilities, it should never become a headache.

If you have at least one year of seniority in the institution where you work for the education sector, then you can request a loan with us. Our financial options seek that you live each of your days without financial worries. The best thing in life is always to enjoy in the company of the family and we understand it, that is why we put at your disposal credits with different terms and for the amount that you require. Does anyone understand you and make you more aware than us?